2021 Science of Aging Webinar Series 3 - Experimental Muscle Mechanics in Aging and Disease

The focus of this webinar is the mechanisms underlying muscle impairment associated with aging and age-related diseases, including the regulation of muscle contraction at motor protein, single muscle fiber and whole muscle levels in experimental and clinical settings. Rizwan Qaisar, PhD, of the University of Sharjah, in the United Arab Emirates, studies the contributions of muscle sarcoplasmic reticulum (SR) stress and calcium dysregulation to loss of muscle mass and strength. Reduced calcium uptake by muscle SR plays a pivotal role in muscle impairment in aging while boosting SR calcium uptake with pharmacological activators can partially restore muscle mass and strength. Matthew Borkowski of Aurora Scientific Inc. in Canada, will share a technical overview of the experimental equipment used in this research. Borkowski will discuss design and component functionality as well as the applications, measurements and data can be explored and captured with this system.