2021 Science of Aging Webinar Series 5 - Quality, Quantity and Timing: Regulating Healthspan and Lifespan With Diet

Dudley Lamming, PhD, takes a deep dive into his research involving how diets can affect metabolic health and longevity.  The population of the world is aging, but for many, living longer will not necessarily mean living in good health. Finding ways to promote healthy aging is critical. In this webinar, Lamming will highlight recent and ongoing research on how quality, quantity and timing of what we eat affects metabolic health, frailty and longevity. First, he will discuss research that uses genetic mouse models to explore the role of insulin sensitivity in calorie restriction, an intervention that extends the healthspan and lifespan of diverse species, including mice. Lamming will explore the role of calorie- and collaterally imposed fasting on the benefits of a calorie-restricted diet. He will also examine how dietary levels of protein and branched-chain amino acids leucine, isoleucine and valine affect longevity. The results of Lamming’s work suggest that daily fasting or reducing dietary branched-chain amino acids may have the potential to promote healthy aging.