2021 Science of Aging Webinar Series 8 - Aging and Skeletal Muscle Plasticity

The research of Sue Bodine, PhD, FAPS, is centered on the study of the neuromuscular system and its response and adaptation to various stressors, including aging. The recent focus of her research has been on identifying the cellular and molecular mechanisms that regulate skeletal muscle mass, especially under atrophy-inducing conditions. Skeletal muscle loss occurs as the result of a variety of disparate conditions including disuse, bed rest, spinal cord injury, neurodegeneration, diabetes, cancer, chronic glucocorticoid treatment and aging, and will affect everyone as a result of aging. The Bodine laboratory is interested in identifying the mechanisms responsible for muscle atrophy and determining strategies for preventing atrophy or accelerating recovery following a period of muscle loss. In the quest to understand muscle atrophy, Bodine has also investigated the mechanisms that regulate adaptive muscle growth, or hypertrophy, in adult animals. Her lab is pursuing research to identify the molecular mediators of the health benefits of exercise.